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Racelogic Traction Control

Part Number Racelogic-TC
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Racelogic Traction Control
Jordan Innovations plug-and-play harness with Racelogic 8cyl TC + Digital Adjuster
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6 Cyl (for 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, or rotary engines) - NO launch control, NO data logging, ANALOG adjuster only
6 Cyl (for 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, or rotary engines) - WITH launch control, NO data logging, select adjuster below [+$105.00]
8 Cyl (for 8, 10, and 12 cylinder engines) - WITH launch control AND data logging, select adjuster below [+$325.00]
Adjuster (click drop-down for images)
Full Throttle Shift Yes, please upgrade my unit for full throttle shift capability! [+$170.00]
Wheel Speed Sensors
My vehicle has OEM ABS (or other) wheel speed sensors
I need Racelogic's wheel speed sensor kit [+$505.00]
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Racelogic Traction Control is the ideal electronic aid for any high-powered car that's still using OEM electronic control modules, since it allows systems such as ABS, stability control, etc, as well as all your security/convenience features to function as normal while giving you the performance, confidence, and safety of industry-leading traction control.

  • In a rear wheel drive car you can use full throttle around a corner with greater confidence that the rear end isn't going to suddenly break away. 
  • In a front wheel drive vehicle power-on understeer is cured, with the system setting the correct level of power to finely balance the vehicle. 
  • In wet and slippery conditions the car accelerates as fast as grip allows without skidding all over the road. 

It does not only positively enhance the performance of the vehicle, Racelogic Traction Control also dramatically reduces the chances of an accident - this is why companies like Gumpert and Koenigsegg choose to fit the system into their cars! 

The system works by monitoring the speed of all four wheels using the ABS system or specially fitted sensors. When wheel spin is detected the engine power is reduced, by cutting a single injector pulse, until grip is resumed. This occurs in a thousandth of a second, and appears to the driver as a slight misfire with no loss in acceleration. 

The idea of cutting fuel to an engine sets alarm bells ringing in engine builders, as they all know that running a lean combustion mode will elevate in-cylinder temperatures very rapidly. The denser the air/fuel charge, the more heat the lean burn can generate. Therefore it is vital that a fuel cut system will not cause a lean burn. Racelogic Traction Control prevents lean burn by removing 100% of the pulsed fuel delivery essentially the affected cylinder takes a gulp of fresh air; the in-cylinder temperature remains virtually unaffected. Prolonged fuel cut on one particular cylinder would cause scavenging of the petrol lining the inlet tracts, and when the next full fuel pulse arrived, it would be partially reduced in quantity by the re-wetting of these tracts. RL Traction Control rotates cylinder cutting to prevent this situation from occurring.

Launch Control

With either the '6 cylinder with launch control' or '8 cylinder' models, the traction control module allows you to automate standing starts and maximize initial acceleration by pressing a button on the adjuster, bringing in a secondary rev-limit (for example, 4000rpm).

The throttle can then be floored with the clutch in without over-revving the engine, spooling a turbo (if equipped), and once the clutch is engaged, the traction control modulates wheelspin and revs for the perfect launch, every time, regardless of surface or weather conditions!

Click << here >> for a Racelogic-equipped Supra using launch control

Full Throttle Shift

For a small charge, Racelogic can upgrade your unit to include provisions for a clutch switch (hydraulic in the clutch line or manual on the pedal), which is programmed to automatically drop the engine revs momentarily and allow the next gear to be selected without lifting off the throttle.  This brings the power back on much sooner (especially with turbocharged engines) and has been shown to be worth 0.1sec per shift!

Data Logging

The data logging options allows the unit to permanently record wheel speed, engine revs, and traction control activity to memory inside the traction control module.  The resolution can be varied according to the length of each run, ensuring maximum accuracy.  This is included on all 8cyl models only, so 4cyl, 6cyl, and rotary users should select the 8cyl model, leaving unused injector channels open.

Wheel Speed Sensors

Since the Racelogic traction control module uses all 4 wheel's speed sensors in it's computations, it is necessary to add wheel speed sensors if your vehicle does not already have one sensor per wheel.  OEM ABS sensors are the most common and most economical option, if they're available for your vehicle, otherwise we can provide << Racelogic's motorsports-level sensors >> (available in options above) that will have to be custom-mounted.  

We can install Racelogic's Traction Control system into almost any vehicle, the exceptions being engines with PWM'd or peak-and-hold injector drivers, or very low impedance (resistance <4ohms) injectors.  Some OEM misfire-detection systems need to be disabled with ECU tuning as well to eliminate 'limp mode' situations... contact us for details.

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